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CyberCom™ :: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that can help you solve some of the most common problems. If you have a particular question not listed in this page, share it with us and - if it is of general interest - we may even put it online in this section. Please send it through our cont@ct form or by e-Mail at info@cybercom.ca.

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  • ▼ Q. How much does a new Website cost?
  • ▼ Q. Can I build a Website with a small budget?
  • ▼ Q. Do I need to be local for you to build my Website?
  • ▼ Q. Should I choose a WordPress Website?
  • ▼ Q. Do I have to be hosted with you?
  • ▼ Q. Why doesn't my Website look exactly the same on Chrome, Explorer, Edge, Firefox and on other browsers?
  • ▼ Q. Should I use Adobe Flash?
  • ▼ Q. How to promote my Website on Google?
  • ▼ Q. How can I get (more) likes on my Facebook page?
  • ▼ Q. How do I post on Instagram from my PC?
  • ▼ Q. How to promote on Instagram?
  • ▼ Q. Can I use an autoreply system for my emails?
  • ▼ Q. Should I protect my Website with and SSL certificate?
  • ▼ Q. What is an SSL certificate?

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